Try a Frog for Fun!!

Even after the cold snap here in Southwest Florida, the bass in this area continue to feast on frogs…even artificial ones. We usually rig these lures weedless with a wide gap 5/0 hook and fish these baits as surface lures by casting them onto the shoreline… [Yes, right up onto dry land] and then gently hop them off into the water. There are usually bass waiting for a frog to do something stupid like that. I retrieve them just under or on the surface with a twitch and glide motion like a frog actually swims. Try it you’ll like it!!

With the cooler temperatures though, we also find good action by casting out to deeper water and allowing the frog to sink all the way to the bottom. A small bullet weight ahead of the hook helps make this diving action more realistic. Once on the bottom, just give it really small twitches so it pokes along the bottom. Retrieve the frog like you are fishing for flounder.

Bass Love Frogs

Bass Love Frogs

Whether on top or on the bottom, give the bass a chance to get the frog in their mouth…usually a two count will get the job done. Then set the hook and hold on. Here’s an image of a nice one from a local pond.

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