Good day at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

We finally got a chance to take a hike up to Dream Lake last Friday afternoon [7/18/2014]. There were still a few remnant snow drifts in the shady spots but the trail and shoreline were accessible. The greenback cutthroat trout in Dream can be really picky and they certainly were on Friday. We caught and released fish on grasshopper patterns, flying ants, parachute ants and tiny trico flies. It seemed word spread quickly among the greenbacks as to what patterns were not good to eat and after a few strikes each fly ceased to interest them. We managed about a dozen greenbacks released in about 4 hours that ran between 10” and 14”.
It is always fun to fish here for us due to the number of interested visitors. The greenback cutthroat trout here are easily seen in this crystal water and generate a lot of curiosity as to what trout are here and the techniques necessary to catch and release them. Of course, the greenbacks here exist as the only trout found in Dream Lake and are protected as a threatened species in the National Park. Catch and release fishing is allowed using barbless flies or lures only. Lures may have only one treble hook with the barbs mashed down. Generally though, greenbacks are insect eaters and lures would not be our first choice for imitating a natural food source. If you don’t want to use a fly rod, try a “fly and bubble” rig with your spinning rod. It is a very effective way to be fly fishing without a fly rod. This is a featured rigging in “Angler’s Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park”.
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Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park is more than just a fishing trip. A hike into one of these beautiful , crystal clear high mountain lakes surrounded by sheer granite cliffs and old growth spruce forest is just what most folks have in mind when they think of the best fishing in Colorado. As an added attraction, there were several elk [cows and calves] along the shoreline entertaining the folks.
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