Estes Park and Autumn Lake Fishing

As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop the fishing picks up in the lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Estes Valley. Anglers need to understand the three things going on right now to enjoy the best fishing of the year. First, dropping water temperatures bring on a “store some calories” instinct before the long winter ahead so trout feed aggressively. Second, a lot of their diet dies off with the first freeze that brings on those beautiful leaf colors. Faced with a dwindling food supply, they eagerly accept anything familiar. It’s like going to a buffet really hungry and finding everything  nearly gone. Third, As far as brook and brown trout are concerned it’s spawning time and they get territorial as well as hungry.

Show them something substantial like a terrestrial or check along the shore for the “insect du jour” they are feeding on. When you see a trout rising, cast about 5’-10′ ahead of it and stay focused!

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